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Buy Best Quality VR Headset at Best Price.
Order now and get a Special gift with every order.

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Irusu Monster VR Headset

Now you can adjust pupil distance and objects distance for individual lenses. Suitable for different eye sights for comfortable and immersive VR experience.

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Irusu Play VR Plus Headset

The most advanced VR headset for mobile till date from Irusu, with Headphones.With HD optical resin lenses, 8-layer nano-coating, 5 times polishing. Reducing deformity and glare, effectively preventing visual fatigue, restore 3D reality under the broad vision.

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Irusu Play VR Ultra
VR Headset with Headset

Featuring high-quality adjustable headphones, this VR headset offers superior audio quality for a fully immersive experience. The headphones are designed to fit comfortably over your ears and can be adjusted for a perfect fit which comes with type c connector.

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Irusu VR Cardboard Box

Irusu Cardboard Viewer certified by Google Cardboard. Premium high quality 34mm larger lenses for greater FOV. Hassle free conductive touch button for input selection/trigger actions. Supports both IOS and Android mobiles

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